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Academic Information
Graduation Information  is a listing of graduation requirements that we hand out at Academy Day and other times.

Testing Information is information about standardized tests given here at WWVA and some results.

I have gathered some test prep information here.  There are also free tutorials from Khan Academy for the SAT here.

Choosing a College  is a short article to help choose the best fit for you or your student.  This is another website helping you get ready for college, "The Ultimate Guide to College Prep".

FAFSA  Free Application for Federal Student Aid, everyone should fill this form out.  There is a new form on January 1st for the following school year.  Here is a worksheet to help.

Scholarship Information is a listing of the scholarships that I have information on in my office.  

This is a link to a scholarship not based on need or grades.

Here are three websites to help with scholarships searches:

iPad Policy

If you have any other questions please feel free to call me at (509) 525-1050.
Thank you and I hope this information helps.

Keith Wells
Academic Vice Principal

Faculty and Staff
Each staff member at WWVA is eligible to add a link to a personal or class page.  If he or she has taken advantage of this option, you will find a link in the first column of the table below. To email a staff member simple click on their address in the last column of the table.  We have moved our online grades to iNOW. Please follow the link in the maroon menu bar near the top of this page.  Thanks.

Anderson, Eric


Anderson, Tyler


Harris, Brian


Dolph, Cliff

English / Publications

Evanenko, Cheryl 


Fitzgerald, Julie

Business Education

Fleck, Roberta

Alternative Learning Center, Director

Foote, Teri

Finance / Registrar Associate

Fry, Pam

Administrative Assistant

Fuchs, Steve 

Vice Principal for Finance

Gish, Benjamin


Short, Patti

Choir, Handbells

Lofthouse, Tricia


Kroshel, Herb

Custodial Supervisor

Maxted, Stan

Technology Education / Director : Maintenance

Messer, Nadine Librarian

Norton, Gayle Religion / Art

Perrin, Daniel Religion / Chaplain

Redberg, Lloyd Mathematics / Science

Saturno, Malinda Anatomy and Physiology / Biology

Schafer, Don Foreign Languages / Mathematics

Schafer, Scott Physical Education/Athletic Director

Scott, Rudy Technologies Coordinator

Waterbrook, Terry Alternative Learning Center, Assistant

Wells, Keith          Geometry Vice Principal for Academics

Whidden, Kimberly English

Staff Mail with Google  
300 SW Academy Way, College Place, WA 99324 | 509-525-1050 | 509-525-1056 (Fax)