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Walla Walla Valley Academy
Transforming Hearts & Minds since ~ 1886

Walla Walla Valley Academy is 125 years proud of offering
Christian Education in the Walla Walla Valley.

Through out the years the Walla Walla Valley Academy Alumni, Churches, Constituents, Parents and Friends have given thier support which has allowed WWVA to grow and to provide opporutnites to expand our educational foundation.

Annual Fund 
       An unrestricted donation to the Annual Fund can be used in a variety of ways depending on the current needs of the school. Typically, these funds are used for worthy student scholarships, academic enhancements and capital needs

Student Financial Aid
      When you give to the Worthy Student Fund, these gifts go to work immediately in assisting students with financial needs.  With the rising costs of private education, nearly one third of our students need some kind of assistance in order to stay in school.  Without your faithful and generous support of this fund, many of our students would not be able to experience the spiritual, academic, physical, and social nurture that WWVA offers.

WWVA Renovation Fund
     It is time or time is reminding us that replacements and updates are needed in our facilty. Renovation of the school's cooling system has been taking place in phases as well as needed funds for energy effecent lighting and windows.

Matching Student Employment Program
     Walla Walla Valley Academy has created a working partnership with area businesses and churches to provide opportunities for students to gain work experience and ethics while earning tuition.

WWVA Lodge
For several years the students of WWVA have not been able to use the lodge. This spring a planning committee was formed to rebuild WWVA lodge. A survey has been completed, a well is being dug and plans are being drawn. Your support to WWVA lodge will allow for the wonderful memories and traditons to continue for our students, future students along with former alumni and friends to enjoy!

Thank you for your support and contributions.

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