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How we Live

Here are the procedures and regulations consistent with a Christian secondary school setting. Some are based on Seventh-day Adventist Christian standards. Others are merely “traffic” rules, while still others are based on common courtesy toward fellow human beings. In essence, students are to honor God and uphold school standards in whatever they do at all times on or off campus. Students who behave inappropriately off-campus during non-school hours may be disciplined by the school for such behavior. This list should not be construed to be all inclusive, and announcements, written or given verbally, may alter or amend what is listed below. It should also be noted that such announcements will carry the same authority as those printed in this bulletin.

General Standards
WWVA is a drug-free and weapon-free zone; therefore students are to abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and to have no weapons (mock or real) on campus or at school activities off-campus. All participants in curricular or extra-curricular activities (non-athletic & athletic) are subject to disciplinary action for the use of illegally controlled substances including the illegal use of steroids. A student, who possesses, carries, displays a weapon or any object which can be mistaken as a weapon so as to intimidate or harm another person, shall be subject to discipline which may include expulsion from school and the involvement of law enforcement personnel as appropriate. State and local government laws are to be respected and obeyed. Students are expected to be honest in all they do. Language appropriate in a Christian setting is to be used at all times. Possessing pornographic literature or behaving in a manner that degrades oneself or others will not be tolerated. Students are encouraged to form positive relationships with others.

Attendance Policy
Students are expected to meet their daily appointments on time. For an absence to be excused, a note written by a parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence must be received in the office within two days of the student’s return to school. Regular and prompt attendance to classes/other school appointments is expected and is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. Excessive absences will be dealt with through the attendance policy.

Cars & Parking
WWVA extends to students the privilege of driving and parking their vehicles on campus. Cars used by students are to be registered with the office and parked in designated areas. Cars improperly parked may be towed. Reckless driving on campus may be referred to local police. During school hours students are not to be in or use their cars unless given clearance by office personnel.

All students are required to attend chapel and sit in their assigned seats. Books, notes, backpacks, etc., are to be left outside the auditorium.

Cheating will not be tolerated. Cheating includes but is not limited to: copying homework, using notes/electronic devices of any kind during a quiz or exam except with permission of instructor, communicating with another student through any means during a quiz and/or exam, copying from another test paper, claiming papers from another student as your own, plagiarizing (using printed material without proper documentation) from any printed or internet material sources.

Should it be discovered that a student has cheated there will be a student-teacher consultation, the grade may be reduced, parents may be contacted, and notification will be given to the office. Repeated involvement in such activity will result in a conference with an administrator and parents. It is possible that enrollment in the class may be terminated and no credit given.

Computers are available for student use. A signed user agreement must be on file before a student is allowed to use the computers. If conditions of the agreement are violated disciplinary action will be taken.

Personal laptops are to be used only for educational purposes. Such computers are subject to all elements of the WWVA computer user agreement as signed by the student. Each teacher will determine when personal laptops may be used in their classroom.

Discipline Policy
Discipline at WWVA is based on Christian rules of conduct. It is designed to create in the student a desire to become self-disciplined. If a student is unwilling to live within the rules governing the school, she/he may be asked to withdraw or be subject to other disciplinary action(s). Parents will be involved with and informed of disciplinary actions.

In cases of disciplinary action the student and parent/guardian may meet with either the Principal or SaFE [School as Family Environment] Committee. Consisting of both faculty members and students, this committee aims to clarify what happened in a situation requiring discipline and then determine consequences for the student. Working within the framework of the school’s discipline policy (see back of bulletin), the committee responds personally to each case with two goals in mind: the safety of the school and the personal growth of the student being disciplined.

Appearance Code
In matters of dress and appearance for school attendance the benchmark for students is neat, clean, modest, and appropriate. We expect cooperation and compliance from students as they dress for school along with support and encouragement from parents.

• Young Ladies: Hemlines of skirts, dresses and shorts need to be at the top
of the knee. All shirts and tops must have sleeves, not be mesh or see- through, and long enough to cover the midriff all the time. Cleavage is to be covered. Any pictures, images, logos, monograms, graphics, or writing on clothing must be appropriate for WWVA.

• Young Men: All pants and walking shorts need to be worn at the waistline. Collared and non-collared shirts must have sleeves. Any pictures, images, logos, monograms, graphics, or writing on clothing must be appropriate for WWVA.

• Attire such as but not limited to; tank-tops, basketball type shorts, camouflage clothing, sweatpants, “pajama” pants, warm-up pants is not to be worn to classes.

• All clothing must fit the wearer appropriately, be in good repair and not be tight or baggy. Underwear is not to be visible.

• Attire for PE/Health/Acro classes, which will be announced by the instructors is to be worn only for such classes and only in the gymnasium or playing fields.

• Jewelry is not to be worn in school, on school-sponsored trips, or when taking part in a school-sponsored program/event.

• Hair color is to be kept a natural hair color. Hair styles must not be faddish or draw undue attention to a student.

• By state health law footwear (e.g. shoes, sandals, flip-flops) must be worn at all times.

• Clothing, accessories or color combinations/etc. associated with gangs, hate groups, or other inappropriate subcultures cannot be allowed.

• Banquet attire will need to meet the Banquet Attire Code as developed by the ASB officers and sponsors and approved by the faculty.

• Students attending WWVA will be sure their appearance is appropriate and does not distract from the educational process taking place.

• Repeated infractions or an unwillingness to comply with directives from a faculty member relative to the Appearance Code will be cause for disciplinary action.

Eating Areas
Eating is to be limited to the multi-purpose room, designated classrooms or outside. Students are expected to clean up after themselves.

Electronic Devices
Electronic devices such as but not limited to MP3 players, iPods, CD/DVD players, electronic games, laser pointers, or cell phones are not to be used while classes are in session unless given specific permission by a teacher in the classroom. Such items, if used inappropriately and taken by a teacher will be brought to the office for safe-keeping.

Fire Safety
In harmony with school safety and state laws; fireworks, firecrackers, candles, matches, cigarette lighters, etc., are not permitted on the school premises. Unauthorized ringing of the school fire alarm constitutes a false alarm and is punishable by the law as a misdemeanor. A minimum fine of $100 will be imposed upon anyone tampering with the fire alarm system and or fire extinguisher. Students are expected to follow posted procedures.

Leaving Campus
WWVA operates as a closed campus. Students are not to leave campus during their school hours without permission of office personnel. Juniors and Seniors wishing to leave campus during the noon hour or before their school day has ended must have Administrative permission as well as a signed parental permission slip on file in the office. Freshmen and sophomores may leave campus during the noon hour only with a parent/guardian. Students needing to leave school due to illness must check with office personnel before doing so.

Planning or participating in any action that injures, degrades, or disgraces another person will not be allowed. Hazing, initiating, or embarrassing others are examples of inappropriate behavior. All forms of harassment (sexual, physical, verbal, electronic, etc.) on/off campus are expressly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Students involved in such activity will be disciplined.

Harassment by parents/guardians towards students, other parents/guardians, WWVA employees or volunteers will not be tolerated. Parents/guardians who engage in such behavior may be asked to withdraw their daughter or son from WWVA.

WWVA is to be a safe environment for all individuals connected with it as well as any guest. Intimidating or threatening remarks or actions towards anyone or anything at WWVA will be promptly dealt with. Disciplinary action should be expected.

Students are expected to take care of their assigned lockers. Inappropriate pictures or other items are not allowed inside or outside the locker. Lockers are school property and may be searched by school personnel as deemed necessary and conducted by an administrator. Contraband objects/substances, which are illegal to be possessed or the possession of anything which violates a school rule or is hazardous to the safety of people or the school will be seized by school authorities. Likewise a student’s personal effects (purse, book bag, coat, etc.) may be searched if suspicion exists that a student has in possession the type of articles mentioned above. Student cars parked on or near WWVA may also be searched if deemed necessary. A student who refuses to be subject to a reasonable search may be subject to discipline, remanded to parents’ custody or law enforcement personnel if appropriate.

Music is expected to meet Christian standards and played or performed at an appropriate volume. Students should avoid identifying with the lifestyle, clothing, grooming, or language of musical groups who are not Christian by their message or performances.

Books, pictures, magazines, or posters not in harmony with Christian principles are not to be brought to school or school functions.

Respect for Property
Areas of general student use at WWVA are classrooms,
multi-purpose room, auditorium, gym, main office, etc. All staff and students’ personal property is to be respected. A student will be subject to discipline should she/he be involved in stealing, vandalism, graffiti, etc. or any unauthorized entry of a WWVA building.

Social Behavior
Displays of affection are not allowed on campus or during school sponsored activities.

All students and adults attending WWVA extra-curricular activities, on/off campus are expected to demonstrate a Christian example of good sportsmanship.

Staff Authority
A student is expected to respectfully follow the directions of a staff member or other adult supervisor.

Non-WWVA students are not eligible to attend classes. Prospective students are welcomed to meet with administrative personnel and tour the building. All visitors must check in and receive clearance from office personnel upon arrival on campus.

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