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Financial Information

Package Plan
For the purpose of convenience and clarity and to facilitate accounting, most charges pertaining to the school program will be included in a total package plan.

Associated Student Body Fee (ASB)
Campus Ministries Fee
Class Dues
Library Fee
School Newspaper and Yearbook
Senior Survival Fee
Student Accident Insurance Fee
Student Mugbook
Technology Fee
Tuition & Hardbound Textbooks


Acros Lab Fees $30- $70
Acro and Varsity Apparel $30- $150
Class Field Trips/ Missions Varies depending on trip
Life Time Activities (P.E.) up to $30
Magazine Subscriptions $10-$20
Meal Cost $4 per meal (cash/check only)
Paperback Textbooks and Workbooks  
Personal Class Projects and Supplies  
              Art $100-$140
              Consumer Science $30-$50
              Welding & Tech Ed $10-$50
Private Music Lessons $78-$120 per month
Varsity Dues                         $100  (Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Track)
  $120  Soccer
International Fee $1,000 ($500 deposit required in advance)

There will be a late charge for textbooks returned after the last school day of the current semester and a replacement charge for unreturned textbooks. This same policy will apply to library books.

Vasity Sports Informaion:  If your son/daughter wants to participate in a varsity sport they will need to bring a check to the school prior to try-outs.  The school will hold this check and give notice to the coach that your son/daughter is eliglible to try-out.  If they are chosen to be a member of a team, then the check will be cashed.  Otherwise it  will be returned to you.  Varsity sports charges are not able to be charged onto a student's account.

Accident Insurance
Secondary accident insurance coverage will be provided for each student. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to file claims with this secondary carrier as well as their health/accident plan for a student’s injury which occurred during the school day or a school-approved activity.

Advance Payment — If the entire year’s full tuition is paid in advance, on or before Registration Day, a discount of $250 will be granted. Full tuition payment between the first day and September 30 will be granted a discount of $200.

If 70% of the full yearly tuition is paid on or before Registration Day , a discount of $175 will be granted. 70% of the full yearly tuition between the first day of school and  September 30 will be granted a discount of $150.

Only cash or check can be accepted for the above payments due to the offsetting costs of credit card use.

Family — A $500 per student annual discount will be given to families supporting two or more students in attendance for the full year. This discount will be credited on the June 30 billing statement provided the students’ accounts are paid in full by graduation.

Distance Credit — A semester discount of $350 is offered to any family with one or more students enrolled at WWVA who commute 25 miles or more one way (50 miles round trip) each day to attend. See additional information and criteria available in business office.

New Convert — A special new-convert discount is granted students or children of new converts who joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church through baptism or profession of faith within the 18-month period prior to school enrollment. This benefit is for students entering a Adventist school for the first time. Please contact the Vice Principal for Finance or your local pastor for further details.

Student Financial Aid
WWVA and the Upper Columbia Conference participate with the local constituent churches in a three-way student aid package up to $400. Application for student aid should be initiated at the local constituent church. Aid is credited monthly. Please contact
business office for details.

Summer Conference Work Programs
Walla Walla Valley Academy will award a scholarship to students who are employed by a North Pacific Union Conference Summer Camp. This summer camp employment will be matched with 21% up to $400 of the face value of the checks deposited on a students account. If you are not employed by one of the aforementioned, you must contact the school in advance.

Work Opportunities
On-campus work opportunities are available for a limited number of students. In addition to providing a means for a student to help defray part of the expenses, she/he has an opportunity to learn good work habits and to carry responsibility. Therefore, the school considers the work program as much a part of education as any other aspect of school life. Students enrolled with less than full-load status will not be eligible for academy-affiliated work.

The student’s monthly earning will be credited to the student’s school account. It is expected that all charges not worked off by the student will be paid in cash each month. At the student’s request tithe can be deducted from student labor.

As required by law, each student who works for the school must have a social security number and proof of citizenship.

Unpaid Accounts
Tuition is billed at the first of the month, September through May, and is due by the 25th of the month in which it is billed. At that time, amounts from previous months are considered past-due.  If the past-due portion is greater than $350, you will be contacted advising that the entire past due amount must be paid within one week or attendance privileges will be suspended until paid. 

Example: An account is paid up when the new month’s tuition is billed. On the 25th this tuition billing is not yet 30 days old, therefore nothing is past-due .
Example:   An account has an unpaid balance of $100 when the new month’s tuition is billed. On the 25th of that month, $100 is past-due. You will not be contacted because the past due amount is less than $350. 
Example:   An account has an unpaid balance of $400 when the new month’s tuition is billed. On the 25th of that month, $400 is past-due. You will be contacted advising that $400 must be paid within one week or the student will lose attendance privileges.

The Walla Walla Valley Academy Board Finance Committee will review the accounts at regular intervals. Students who have unpaid accounts remaining from the previous school year will not be registered until the account has been paid. Financial accounts from previous years must be satisfactorily settled for other members of the immediate family before a student from that family will be permitted to enter for the current school year.

In order for students to take January semester exams the ending balance on the December 1st billing statement must be paid in full.

In order for students to write June semester exams the ending balance on May 1 billing statement must be paid in full.

Students who are no longer enrolled in school and have a remaining account balance will be charged interest if no monthly payment is received. If an account balance is less than $500, a minimum payment of $25 is needed to avoid the monthly interest charge.  If an account balance is $500 or more, a minimum payment of $50 is needed to avoid the monthly interest charge. The interest rate will be set within the allowable limits of Washington State law.  Accounts may be turned over to collections after 3 months of non-payment.

Other Financial Policies
• Students who enter late or are absent for a period of time but make up back work and receive full credit will be charged full tuition.

• The portion of the entrance fee that covers school insurance, publications, class dues, library and technology fees, etc. is non-refundable.

• All charges are subject to change due to economic factors.

• When a student receiving financial aid graduates or transfers to another school and has a credit account balance, such credit will be forfeited up to the amount of financial aid received.

• Students requiring an I-20 form to attend must remit each
semester’s tuition and fees in advance.

• Participation in extra school trips, i.e., ASB activities, Mission Trips, and trips costing over $150 are contingent on the student’s account being current through the previous month’s ending balance. Refunds for trips / activities not taken will be applied to the students account.

Payment Information
There are two cost levels: those who have earned 110 credits or less (freshmen and sophomores) the total cost is $7,838 and those who have earned 111 credits or more (juniors and seniors) the total cost is $8,558. A non-refundable $540 fee is included in each of the above figures.

2012-2013 Tuition Rates

Monthly Statment Lower Division Upper Division Due Date
Entrance Payment $1,861 $1,861 Registration
September 732 771 September 25 
October 732 771 October 25
November 732 771 November 25
December 732 771 December 25
January 732 771 January 25
February 732 771 February 25
March 732 771 March 25
April 732 771 April 25
May 732 771
May 25
TOTAL $8,449 $8,800  

All remittances should be sent to the Business Office and made payable to
Walla Walla Valley Academy. 
The school depends upon receiving prompt payment of its tuition accounts to meet its monthly obligations. It is imperative that all student accounts be paid by the 25th of the month. Since the school cannot give extended credit, it may be necessary for some to obtain financial assistance elsewhere. Payments with Visa or Mastercard are accepted EXCEPT for the payment of full or 70% of full tuition at the beginning of the school year as outlined in the Advance Payment section.

A diploma or transcript cannot be issued until accounts with the school are paid in full.


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