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Student Involvment Opportunities
Associated Student Body
All enrolled students, together with all faculty members, are members of the ASB. This association is the general organization
for the student body and is responsible for social, spiritual, and cultural activities.

Class Organizations
Class organizations provide leadership opportunities for students. Class officers are elected in the fall of each year. Officers and sponsors are responsible for planning class activities.

Community/Mission Service
In addition to local community service projects, each year during Spring Break students spend vacation time helping others. Mission service groups have traveled to places such as: Arizona, Baja California, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Africa and Honduras building churches and schools. Through these opportunities each student can have the experience of serving God.

Music Groups
WWVA has several music groups suited to the varied musical interests of students. Among these groups are the Concert Band, Praise Ringers, String Orchestra, Choir, and WWVA Singers. These groups present programs for various church, civic, and school activities. There are weekend appointments with these groups.

Religious Activities
The goal is to provide every student the opportunity to be involved in some form of ministry. Students can participate in mission trips, local area church worships, provide programs for area nursing homes and retirement centers, and organized community outreach projects.

Sports Program
Students have the opportunity to participate in the school intramural program playing various sports. In addition, students can try-out for the following varsity sports: girls volleyball, boys and girls varsity and junior varsity basketball, boys cross country, boys and girls track. Students can also try-out for the Acro Knights acrobatics team which performs at local schools as well as trips throughout the northwest. Good sportsmanship is expected and required of all participants and fans.

The Mugbook, a get-acquainted picture book of students and faculty, is published during the first month of the school year. The Delphian is WWVA’s yearbook and is issued during the last month of the school year. The Page is a weekly student-produced newspaper produced by the publications class. Each publication provides an important training opportunity for students who wish to develop journalistic and related skills. Fees for all publications are included in the financial package.

Track & Field Day
Students challenge their athletic abilities against the clock and other students in track and field events. Other events during the week include the Iron Knight Triathlon and swimming events.

All prospective students and their parents are invited to visit
WWVA on this visitation day (see calendar for date). There are tours, programs, and other activities planned to help acquaint visitors with the school. For more information please contact the Marketing Office.

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