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We Believe

We believe each individual has a God-given potential for growth and that each has value regardless of race, color, religion, gender, physical handicap, or social standing. The school does not engage in a policy of segregation or discrimination.

WWVA seeks to assist each student’s growth in the following areas:

Spiritual Growth
Our goal for each student is that she/he will make and maintain a decision to accept Christ and experience putting Christianity into action through serving others. We strive to provide every student the opportunity to be involved in some form of ministry through our active spiritual programming and Mission In Action outreach.

Academic Excellence
The faculty endeavors to inspire students toward developing basic skills of learning. Computers provide students the skills and competitive edge they need. While learning to work with today’s technology, students must also develop good writing, effective speaking, sensitive listening skills and the ability to relate to people from all walks of life. These are the basic building blocks in establishing productive working relationships with others. Our teachers are dedicated to finding new methods and activities to ensure that each student has the opportunity to develop these skills.

Physical Achievement
Students are taught the importance of living a healthy life style of good eating habits, vigorous exercise, and adequate rest. Each student has the opportunity to be involved in the campus intramural program, varsity/junior varsity sports, and the Acro Knights, an acrobatic team.

Social Development
WWVA seeks to instill in students respect for all people. We
provide an environment where students can develop and enjoy healthy friendships.

Students are expected to uphold wholesome social standards, be self-controlled and disciplined in their relationships with others.

Civic Responsibilities
We want to inspire our students to show respect for authority and to understand that democracy depends on the personal integrity of each citizen. Each student is encouraged to be aware of and involved in the community.

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