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The Bible presents itself as an epic story, from perfect creation to perfect recreation.  Between the covers of the book, there are a multitude of smaller stories and characters, each holding up God as the hero and pointing forward to redemption from sin.  Sometimes we get muddled in the details or we get confused about why a story is in the Bible.
This class aims to paint the big picture story of the Bible, seeing each act as it appears in the overall plot.
To help us remember the story, we create pictures...essentially a movie.  And we link them together like a chain.  This is a mneumonic hook.  God does the same thing for His people through the Passover service or the Tabernacle.  Those are mneumonics for salvation.

What follows is a series of pictures that link together from the book of Numbers through the end of Israel's Old Testament history in Nehemiah.  Each picture contains a detail that links to those before and after it.  Perhaps you would include another story or character as a major event.  I have chosen these 18 "scenes" from the Old Testament.

In the future I would like to begin in Genesis and add the stories that precede this list.

Spying out the land and rejecting God's leadership
40 years of desert wandering
The conquest of Canaan under Joshua
The period of the judges
Samuel, Israel's last judge
Saul, Israel's first king
David's fugitive years
David's glory years
David's trouble  years
Solomon brings Israel to the height of its wealth and influence
Israel divides into Israel in the north and Judah in the south
Many kings of Israel and Judah
Israel is destroyed by Assyria in 722 b.c.
Judah is destroyed by Babylon in 586 b.c.
Babylonian captivity and exile
Rebuilding the Temple and the walls of Jerusalem
Prophets (continually) warn and encourage Israel throught its history


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