copyright Marble Jones  In Loving memory of Jenda
Photograph by Marble Jones


WWVA's School Song

Where the Blue Mountains rise to meet the skies
Hills and valleys of green make a paradise.
Whispering trees in the breeze nodding to and fro,
'Neath their cooling shade, mountain streamlets flow.
It is here nature gives of her bounties rare:
Waving fields, golden grains, flowers everywhere.
In this land of apple blossoms sweet
Stands a school none other could other beat.

Oh Walla Walla Valley Academy,
For you our hearts burn with loyalty.
You are the pride of the west,
Of all the schools, you're the best.
You stand for truth, honor, purity.  Rah! Rah!
We sing your praises from shore to shore,
Repeat thy excellence o'er and o'er.
Oh Walla Walla, dear Walla Walla,
Live on for evermore.

School of standards, we always will cherish thee,
Though we scattered may be over land and sea.
May your banner be bright, waving day and night;
May you always shine as a beacon light.
As the years roll along we will always find
Tender memories of thee 'round our hearts entwined.
Standing for the right your emblem grand,
You're the finest school in all the land.


300 SW Academy Way, College Place, WA 99324 | 509-525-1050 | 509-525-1056 (Fax)

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