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World Religions
Senior 2nd Semester Bible

The Purpose of this Class is to know Jesus better as we anticipate His return.  How can we do that by studying other religions?  

God has given us a divine command to take the Gospel to the entire world as we participate in the messages of the Three Angels of Revelation 14.  In this class, we will learn how to share the Gospel to people of all different faiths.  We will learn about their faith so that we can find the doors God has opened for us to bring to them the Light of the Gospel.

The secular world presents these topics without knowledge of the truths of God—in this class we will evaluate the information presented by the world in light of the Word of God.  We will learn to be active minded, to listen & relate to people of different beliefs with love, and to deepen & share our faith in Christ and our eager expectation of the Second Coming. 
We study these other faiths here so that we are prepared to meet the challenges they will raise against the claims of Christ.  The Word of God revealed in Scripture is our starting point, our endpoint, and our checkpoints along the way. 


Breakdown of religious affiliation by state

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