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Test Prep
 Here is a link to some information regarding preparation for the SAT test.  There is a short assessment to see if you have any areas that might need some work before the test date.  After that there are some links to sites that they have matched up with the areas that you need help in.  It looks very useful and I previewed most of the sites and they look pretty good. 

This is a site offered by a scholarship search website.  There are great articles, practice tests, test taking tips and other resources.  This site is listed here because of student use of this webpage and their suggestions to help out other students.   Thank you for your input. 

This is the link to the ACT test prep site.  

This site has a free study guide and practice tests.  I also have those in my office at school.

This is a free site that you have to register for.  I am sure that you will receive emails from them and other companies but the reviews were great and the seem to have a good process for you to take practice questions and then get some help in your weaker areas.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me 509 525 1050 or email me.  Thanks

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