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Student Finance
Hello, my name is Steve Fuchs. I have been an academy treasurer for almost 25 years; 18 of them here at WWVA. My goal is to assist you in crafting a plan which makes Christian education a reality for your son or daughter. I do this by making you aware of the sources of funding available, and creating a payment schedule that will show you how funding sources and projected expenses fit together.  
Christian Education represents a large financial commitment, but I have seen this become reality for all household income levels. For many families, it will take help from your church, the school and conference, your enrolled student’s contribution from labor earnings, in addition to the monthly family payment.   If you question whether or not this scenario is needed for your circumstances, there are a number of areas that when given careful attention, will provide a smoother journey through what looks like a white water ride ahead:
                Financial aid: This falls into two categories; matching aid in which your local  church participates
                in assisting you with tuition costs and WWVA based scholarships.  Application for Matching Aid is  
                made to your local church. Upon approval from your church, there is a matching amount granted from
                WWVA and the Upper Columbia Conference. The school receives financial aid  donations; these are 
                awarded to students based on recommendations from the Student Aid Committee that looks at need,
                student and parent commitment, as well as academic performance. Two additional scholarships are
                available; KEEP and HUNT. These are applied for to a separate entity that will assess eligibility.
                Please apply for scholarships which require application as early as possible. Forms are available 
               from local churches as well as, at the bottom of this page. A link is provided for applying on line for the 
               KEEP and HUNT scholarships.     
                Student Labor:   WWVA has a limited number of employment opportunities for students. These 
                are in the areas of Custodial, graders and office work. WWVA pays Washington State Minimum Wage.  
                Work is available after school and those working in an office or custodial should plan to average one
                 hour daily, or approximately $150 to $160 per month. All student earnings are credited toward their 
                 tuition. Part of WWVA’s philosophy is that this experience is valuable for developing a work ethic that
                 is invaluable for success.   A very limited number of employment opportunities are available at Son-
                 bridge.   Son-Bridge was purchased by local churches and provides a number of community services
                 such as a thrift-store, free medical services, community education, and a television station. Students 
                 working there can earn up to twice as much as those working on the WWVA campus.   All hiring goes 
                 through this office for those positions.
                Parent Contribution: Planning to contribute toward tuition may be needed. The school will accept
                payments against the coming school year. This money will be refunded in the event your student does
                not attend. Billing statements are sent during the first week of the month. They show all transactions 
                and in the case of students who are working, the hours, rate of pay and taxes withheld for that months 
If there is one area of concern, it would be for those whose accounts fall behind. In all the years I have watched student accounts, those making faithful monthly payments, and whose students reliably work as planned do not fall behind. Once this happens it is very difficult to catch up!   Should you have questions, please contact me via e-mail or telephone.

Link to Financial Aid Information

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