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Syllabus 2010-2011

WWVA Praise Ringers





Our WWVA Praise Ringers emphasis is based on mission service:

This group gives many performances throughout our community and sometimes takes a regional tour. Performances are viewed as mission service with the focus on sharing Gods’ love, joy, and peace through music. God has made it obvious that he wants our lives surrounded in beauty in so many ways (nature, literature, and art). Ministry in music is part of teaming up with God to share also his beauty.



Praise Ringers are especially in demand for performances throughout the Christmas Season I churches, schools, service clubs, and community events. We usually travel to Leavenworth and play for their community as they celebrate the Christmas season with an outdoor festival and “town lighting” each year. The second semester performance schedule is lighter and will vary a bit from year to year.




Each one is expected to strive for an A (who wants to hear an ensemble striving for a B?).  Students’ best effort is expected during rehearsals and performances to maintain membership in the orchestra. The grade is given for each area listed below and is averaged together for the final grade.


Attendance: prompt and ready to play at rehearsals and performances

Effort: being there and actively engaged in learning and refining the music

Performance: Energy and focus to recreate the magic of each piece


A missed performance will lower the overall grade by one letter for that quarter. Every effort should be made for this not to happen. Notice needs to be given to the director as soon as a conflict (sickness or some catastrophe) is known. Circumstances beyond control are given consideration for grading.


Cell Phones: Simply—NO at all times! Violations will have unspecified serious consequences.

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