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Testing Information
Scholarship Information;  fastweb is a great site to help you search for scholarships.  Just give them some information and they will match you with scholarship opportunities.

I have gathered some test prep materials together here.

Here is an image of our latest SAT scores and the comparison to the rest of the nation in regards to readiness for college level work.

The ACT test assesses high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work.  WWU accepts both the ACT and the SAT for incoming freshmen.  You can register for the ACT online, be sure to choose the correct test center and date.  I have practice test booklets in my office.  The cost is approximately $50.
ACT   High School Code 480-220
                        Test Center #        170481

Test dates        Registration Date        Late Registration until
10/28/12          9/21/12                        10/5/12
12/9/12            11/2/12                        11/16/12
4/14/13            3/8/13                          3/22/13
The SAT is very similar to the ACT.  One major difference is that you CANNOT register for the SAT online.  There is registration information for our Sunday test at this link.
You must register by mail to take the test here at WWVA and you will need a letter from a clergy (Mr. Harris has these letters).  The cost is approximately $50.  I have registration packets as well as practice tests in my office.
SAT    High School Code 480-220
                        Test Center #        48-261

Test dates        Registration Date        Late Registration
11/4/12            10/4/12                        10/19/12
12/2/12            11/1/12                        11/16/12
1/27/13            12/28/12                      1/11/13
5/5/13              4/5/13                          4/19/13


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